Tom Preuss is a creative extraordinaire, with an innovative entrepreneurial spirit.
For over 20 years, he has been deeply connected with counter-culture and the world of nightlife. From the dance floor and independent underground scene to major renowned labels.

He co-founded Artist Alife Talent and Management Agency in 2007 with Riany Kathirithamby as his first employee. He’s represented artists such as Loco Dice, Tale of us, Luciano, Chris Liebing, The Martinez Brothers, Marcel Dettmann, Guti, Martin Buttrich and many more.  He’s managed Loco Dice from the very beginning, and was a main engine behind his successful career.

With his profound understanding and expertise in youth culture, marketing and creative design, Tom has consulted artists across the music, entertainment and fashion industries.

He’s the mastermind behind many artists’ talent strategies and given guidance to industry and artists’ creative visions. He is the creator of the corporate design and visual Identity of Tale of Us infamous AFTERLIFE brand and the lifestyle brand PEOPLE LIKE US.

In 2019 Preuss entered the tech realm, co-founding digital ticketing and payment platform Grid alongside Trivago Co-Founder and former CEO Rolf Schrömgens and vetsak CEO & Co-Founder Max Gansow.

Tom has promoted events and festivals all over the globe such as HYTE, has co-founded New York’s Schimanski nightclub and Germanys most notorious open air club Kiesgrube, which celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this year.


Recent Entrepreneurship

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO


Founder & Former CEO
– Exit 2019

Founder & Former CEO
– Exit 2019