Brand Identity & Event Artworks | 2013 till 2019
Creative Direction by Tom Preuss | Artist Alife
Designer Patrick Keuthen & Ken Hanamura

Our creative team has been responsible for the whole visual and creative concept behind the event brand HYTE.

From Ibiza’s (in)famous nightlife and club scene, especially in the area of Techno and House music, the international acclaimed event brand HYTE started in 2015 to have its own residency in the island’s historical “superclub” Amnesia.



From its first initial idea, slogan, graphic design, video direction, merchandise, costumes, stage design to its final realization and monitoring of the whole production.

HYTE Barcelona was a weekly event, which took place during the summer season 2014 at an open air venue in Barcelona. We worked out the visual concept, based on the use of acrylic paint, which runs like a continuous thread through the whole campaign, from graphic design to video post production.

We’ve partied with HYTE in Berlin, Miami, Beirut, UK, Vietnam and more.

Amongst a huge number of competitors, we established the brand internationally and made it appear outstanding in the flood of visual impressions.